Terms Of Hire

By agreeing to hire any of our flower walls, the client agrees to the following Terms of Hire:

  1. USE: This wall must only be used for the sole and only purpose as a photo/event backdrop, by and for the Client. It is not to be sub-hired out by the Client, or used in any other manner. This wall is for indoor use only.
  2. The Client must ensure no person touches, or leans on, or moves, the wall or any parts connected to the wall, including the weights behind the wall, at any time after Installation and before Collection.  
  3. The wall must be set up against a wall within the Venue. The Client must ensure no one walks behind the wall.
  4. PERMISSION: Client must receive full permission for the hire use for this wall by the Venue.
  5. NOTICE: Client must notify details of any incident, damage or change to the wall on Collection.

  6. INSPECTION: The wall will be inspected on collection. The Client will be responsible for costs for any damage, loss, or deviation of the wall/s from its original condition, at $50 per 40cm x 40cm area. This amount is payable within 5 business days to our nominated account.

  7. This agreement is between the Client and Flower Wall Events Pty Ltd (ABN 836 215 374 33).